Goodbye for now!


When we took over QCB Fun Store 2 years ago and created Gateway Games, we had a vision to create a game store that is a safe haven, a place where people can gather and play games, build friendships and have fun. We hope that we have succeeded in that vision with the help of our awesome customers and some special people who shared our vision. 

As of November 8th, 2019, we will be closing the store and taking some time to reclaim our lives and deal with some health issues. We will be taking a break, but with the help of the awesome DMs out there, still plan to run D&D at Arizona Game Fair, Phoenix Fan Fusion, and Game On Expo. There are also some other things we have in mind so you will likely see us in other community settings. 

We are extremely grateful for our wonderful customers and supporters. You have become our second family, and we have seen many of you on a daily or weekly basis. We will greatly miss the companionship and conversations. We want to say a heartfelt thank you to all our awesome customers, employees, and friends of Gateway Games.

Signing off, 

Les and Janice


Staying in touch

Although the shop is closed, the community is still going. Come join our Facebook group to hear about other events being organized and to stay in the loop with events in the Valley.