Board and Tabletop Games

Tabletop Gaming



Our roots are in tabletop and board games. From Monopoly to Catan to Risk, we were raised on games and are gamers at heart. We carry current titles and recent favorites including several of the most popular games. If you’ve seen it on Tabletop or The Dice Tower, we carry it or can get it. Our list of in house board games grows weekly.

Demo and Rental Program



Have you ever wanted to try a board game before you bought it? Shows like Tabletop do a great job of demonstrating gameplay, but there’s no substitute for having cards, dice, or minis in your hand. We have a curated selection of board and tabletop games available for in-store demo at no charge. If you’d prefer to try a game at home, you can rent one of our games for $5 for 2 nights, or throw a weekend game party and rent 3 games for $10 for 2 nights. Love a game you rented and want to buy a copy? 100% of your rental fees are applied toward the purchase of a copy of a game you rent.