Gateway Christmas Angel

Helping a Family in Need


As part of our 24-hour Gaming for Charity Event, we have adopted a family of 4 for the holidays. This family doesn't ask for much, but we want to give them a great holiday. We are asking your help as we collect items on their wish list.

There is a Gift Tree in the store with requested items, and we ask that you select one or more of them, purchase the item, and bring it back to us by 8:00pm Saturday the 15th. In addition to the items the family members have listed for themselves, they have listed some household items that they need. These are basic items that most of us take for granted. Please help us help them.

All contributions to this cause count as your "admission fee" to our 24-hour event that begins 4:00pm on Saturday the 8th and continues until 4:00pm Sunday the 9th. 

  1. Select one or more ornaments from the tree.
  2. Show the ornaments to the store staff at the register so that they can record that the item has been chosen, and who has chosen it.
  3. Buy the item and bring it  back to us UNWRAPPED, along with the ornament.
  4. Items are due back to the store no later than 8:00 pm on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

Items must be new.

Please limit each item to $50 or less.

Monetary donations are also welcome.