Dungeon Master 101


We're so glad you're looking to take up the role of Dungeon Master and the benefits that come with it.  If you're new to adventures league, below we have our guidelines for making sure your game runs smooth. As always, if you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out either online or in-store. 


D&D Adventurers League - Start of Session


  • Introduce yourself to your players
  • Ask each player’s name and preferred pronoun
  • Ask if players have played D&D 5E before and know the rules
  • Explain the rules for safety at the event
  • Record details of each player’s Character
  • Character Name
  • Race
  • Class
  • Level
  • Background and Faction
  • Passive Perception
  • Bond + flaw
  • Ask players which renown they wish to take
  • Ask players if they wish to buy anything before adventure starts
  • Ask players if they wish to spend downtime before adventure starts
  • Begin

Renown Awards

Starting with season 8, new adventures get a free item to use during their adventure based on faction rank. 

Each Character Chooses one of their Current rank or lower, it is removed at the end of the session if not used.

  • Rank 1 (0 renown): Potion of healing
  • Rank 2 (2 renown, Level3+): 1piece of equipment from PHB worth 100GP or less.
  • Rank 3 (10 renown, Level 8+): Inspiration
  • Rank 4 (20 renown, Level 13+): Potion of Superior Healing or Elixir of Health 
  • Rank 5 (30 renown, Level 18+): A Vehicle with non-combatant crew

Spell casting Services , before or after adventure

 Cure Wounds -10 gp

Dispel Magic - 90 gp

Greater Restoration - 450 gp

Identify - 20 gp 

Remove Curse - 90 gp

Raise Dead - 1000 gp

Lesser Restoration - 40 gp

Speak with Dead - 90 gp

Resurrection - 3000 gp

Prayer of Healing - 40 gp

Divination - 219 gp

True Resurrection - 3000 gp

D&D Adventurers League - End of Session


  • Ask if player wants slowed progression (1/2 Advancement and Treasure points)
  • Award Advancement Checkpoints for completing objectives as written in adventure.
  • For a CCC adventure award 1 ACP per hour played
  • Check if Players have Gained a level (4 ACP tier1, 8 ACP at level 5+)
  • If so, gain Gold Pieces and expend ACP for the level.
  • Level 2-4: 75 GP.  Level 5-10: 150 GP.  Level 11-16: 550 GP.   Level 17-20:
  • Award Treasure Checkpoints for completing objectives as written in adventure
  • For a CCC adventure award 1 TCP per hour played, double at Tier 3 and 4.
  • Check Renown awards for characters
  • All characters gain renown (linked to their Background/Faction)
  • 1 renown for every 4 ACP gained.
  • Check Downtime awards for characters
  • 5 Downtime days for every 2 ACP gained
  • Downtime and renown awards are based on cumulative ACP gained. A character with 1 ACP who gains 3 ACP then gains 1 renown and 10 Downtime. A character with 0 ACP who gains 3 ACP then gains 0 renown and 5 Downtime.
  • Give out Story Awards as written in the adventure (note on log).
  • Give out Magic Item unlocks as written in adventure, inform players Magic Item Table and Rarity (players note on log)
  • Inform players that they may spend Downtime or Buy Magic Items with treasure Check Points.
  • Thank players.

Downtime Activities (Between Adventures)


  • Catching up: Used at 4th 25DT; Used at 10th 75 days; Used at 16th 150 days.
  • Trade magic Items: 15 Downtime (0 Downtime if used at same table). Must be same rarity and treasure Table.
  • Spellcasting services:1 Downtime plus regular cost for NPC spellcasting.
  • Copying Spells: Each Downtime allows 8 hours copying spells (can trade with players at same table)
  • Brew Potions of Healing or Scribing Scrolls (see Xanathar’s Guide to Everything).