Private Game Rooms

Game Room Policy

 Rooms can be rented in four hour blocks by contacting the store ahead of time.  $25.00/group of up to 8 people reserves you a 4 hour block and if you reserve the same night each week in advance for a month you'll receive a promo rate of $75.00 for the whole month!  

Map Room


With a hand painted map of Middle Earth on the way, the Map Room is our largest and most accommodating gaming room. 

Dungeon Room


Really get into the mindset with our tech outfitted Dungeon room. Featuring dynamic lighting and a overhead projector, it's a Dungeon Masters paradise.

Critical Role Room


For all you Critical Role fans, this room features a mural of Vax'ildan, everyone's favorite Half-Elf Rouge, returning the embrace of the Raven Queen.

Firefly Room


Do you consider yourself a Browncoat? Are you still angry they cancelled Firefly? Well we are too, and to show our dedication we have a whole room done up in Firefly memorabilia. 

Cosmere Room (Soon)


Still in the works of being decorated, our Cosmere room is going to be a tribute to the amazing world that Brandon Sanderson has created in his books. Check back soon for updates.