Tabletop Registration

Signing up with Warhorn

Here at Gateway Games, we want to make sure that we always have a seat open for you. To help accommodate that, we use the website to help organize our table top games. Here are some tips for first timers signing up for games.

  • Warhorn does require you create a account but it's 100% free.
  • When looking for a game, you can hover over a game to see the title and level range.
  • If this is your first game, you'll want to find a game that allows level 1.
  • Wait-listed means that if someone that signs up for the game doesn't show within 10 minutes of start, you'll be able to play.

Signup Now!

Click below to be taken to our Warhorn page. We show as Phoenix East Valley RPGs. The link below will take you to our event calendar showing all currently planned games. 

NOTE: You will need to create a free account to signup for games.

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RPG Calendar

Role Playing Games


If you’re interested in hosting or playing Star Wars, Firefly, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Titansgrave, Dread, or any other RPG, please come by and talk to us — we would love to add your game to our schedule. We can advertise your game, provide a place to play for you and your players, and order the supplies you need to enhance your gaming experience. We have five private Gaming Rooms so you can run your game in a friendly, comfortable, and private setting.